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Technology Transfer Organizations

In today's research environment, institutions are charged with generating revenue through the commercialization of resident technologies. The ability to maximize the value of intellectual property is important to fund ongoing research, purchase and maintain state-of-the-art equipment/facilities and to recruit and retain leading researchers -- thus allowing institutions to remain relevant and competitive.

To meet these new demands, technology transfer organizations are pursuing new and innovative strategies to accomplish these objectives. Some are totally outsourcing their technology transfer functions to those more qualified and experienced while others are aggressively staffing, creating standardized policies and automating processes to better address their needs. One thing is for certain, the leading technology transfer organizations are not sticking with the status quo.

Technology Transfer Organizations

Buffalo BioSciences is uniquely positioned to assist research institutions realize the full value of their intellectual property. We designed ACCELERATORTM to assist Technology Transfer Professionals with projects related to business start-ups and spin-offs bsaed on institutional technology. By collaborating with technology transfer offices, we apply our understanding of scientific concepts, product development experience and leverage our broad network of business development professionals in the life sciences industry to help move your projects from the lab to the market -- quickly and effectively while maintaining maximum value for your institution.

In addition to ACCELERATORTM, Buffalo BioSciences offers a wide array of management services that can:

  • Create Robust Processes to Manage Technology Transfer Office Functions
  • Serve as a Partner for Your Existing Technology Transfer Office
  • Provide Technology Evaluation & Valuation
  • Strategically Organize Intellectual Property Portfolios
  • Actively Market Technologies
  • Facilitate Strategic Partnerships

If your technology transfer efforts need help, please contact us to learn more about working together.


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