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Our Team

Founded by highly experienced executives from the life sciences industry, we apply our collective industry knowledge, experience and professional network to accelerate the commercialization of our Client's products and technologies. Each team member possesses deep knowledge of biosciences and high technology industries supported by a broad understanding of the business issues therein. In fact, with many decades of technical and business experience within both small and large companies, we have helped companies from the idea level through to initial public offerings or acquisition in the following segments of the life sciences industry:

  • Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine
  • Cancer Research
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Bio-Manufacturing
  • Drug Discovery - Drug Delivery & Toxicology
  • Medical Devices

Our extensive management experience and skills in the life sciences industry range from functional areas of general management and business development to commercial operations, cGMP manufacturing, technology development and information technology. Additionally, we have expertise and experience in both domestic and international markets working with: researchers, process development teams, operations professionals in research institutions, start-up technology businesses, emerging biotechnology companies and established pharmaceutical firms.


Founding Partners
Eric CornavacaEric Cornavaca

With over 19 years in the Life Sciences industry, Eric possesses detailed knowledge of process sciences, intellectual property, licensing, manufacturing operations and strategic business development necessary to commercialize innovative discoveries.

Anthony JohnsonAnthony Johnson

Anthony's ability to assess product concepts and market potential brings confidence to the opportunity evaluation process. With considerable experience in sales and marketing business strategy, early stage funding, collaboration and joint ventures, he brings a creative perspective to achieving desired results for each opportunity.


 Greg Remy, Strategic Associate

Product Research & Development:  Greg brings over 18 years of Life Sciences industry experience spanning research, product management, operations, marketing and business development. His technical understanding of biopharma, medical devices, oncology, cardiology, IVF and diagnostics plays an integral role in advancing product development from concept to commercialization.



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