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Strategic Associate - Technology Education & Training
Buffalo BioSciences, LLC.

With over 20 years experience providing strategic consulting and training programs, Ellen works with senior management from public and private sector Clients on issues related to strategic planning, market research, competitive intelligence and business development support. An authority on implementing action plans and sales/marketing tools, she is deeply aware of the key trends fueling growth and expansion in markets such as: High-Technology, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Energy & Environment, Financial Services and Government Markets.

Currently, Ellen serves as Principal of e-sagacity - a management consulting firm delivering expert marketing, sales and business development services to increase the operational effectiveness of organizations - where she has become a proven asset for industry leaders, including: Hewlett-Packard, Greatbatch, IBM, Oracle, the State of Maryland, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, PPL Energy, and many others. Additionally, Ellen plays a prominent role in bringing comprehensive strategic training and education services to business and economic development organizations through Buffalo BioSciences' newly developed CATALYST SERVICES program offering.

Ellen formerly held leadership positions with several Washington, DC-based consulting firms and specialized product vendors:

  • Director of Custom Market Research & Marketing Services, INPUT
  • Manager of Market Research, TidePoint
  • Managing Analyst - IT & Telecommunications, Markowitz & McNaughton (now nxtMOVE)
  • Policy Analyst & Team Leader, Washington International Energy Group (now PA Consulting)

Ellen earned a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from American University. In addition, she has published numerous studies and articles, including for the Educause Center for Applied Research. She volunteers free time to various causes.


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