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Moving Your Innovation from Concept to Reality

ACCELERATORTM is a high-level suite of services designed to help Researchers, Inventors, Technology Transfer Professionals and R&D Officials achieve commercial success.

Moving Your Innovation from Concept to Reality Moving Your Innovation from Concept to Reality
Moving Your Innovation from Concept to Reality Moving Your Innovation from Concept to Reality
Moving Your Innovation from Concept to Reality

Since bringing research-based innovations to market requires significant commitment of time, energy and money, ACCELERATORTM offers the specialized skills and fresh independent perspective necessary to move your innovation from concept to reality.

ACCELERATORTM provides the ultimate flexibility since customers define the specific focus and guide the review process to assure they receive only what is relevant. This process:

  • Provides a High-Level, Qualitative Review
  • Finds Immediate Challenges, "Sticking Points" and Feasibility Gaps
  • Answers Where You Are in the Innovation Continuum:
    • Validates Technology Concepts
    • Protects Intellectual Property Rights
    • Analyzes Target Markets
    • Assesses Commercial Potential
  • Identifies Path for Commercial Success

We developed ACCELERATORTM in response to the needs identified by independent inventors, academic researchers, technology transfer professionals and R&D portfolio managers. They all expressed a desire for targeted, cost-effective and easy to use assistance to tackle their growing backlog of potential projects -- especially related to business start-ups and spin-offs based on institutional technology. Their insights also reaffirmed that standardized, pre-packaged reports don't address the unique requirements and issues associated with evaluating different technologies.

 ACCELERATOR Deliverable"Pre-Packaged Approach"
Provides an Objective, Practical Analysis[][]
Understands Customer's Priorities[] 
Identifies Customer's Point in the Innovation Continuum[] 
Customizes Approach to Respond to Priorities[] 
Develops Process / Output to Focus on Unique Needs[] 
Provides Flexible Reporting[] 
Answers Key Questions with Actionable Recommendations[] 
Distils Findings to Focus Output on "Next Steps"[] 

Please contact us to get started and learn more about ACCELERATORTM services.


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